Each moment in our life is unique.

Once gone will never come back ….

Will be different, but never the same.

Perhaps another moment

of ever changing colors and moods.

Sensation of light…


During my life I walked many roads, visited many countries, met many people. All that great fortune, excitement and value I am sharing with you now through my photos.

My life was not easy, but am thankful for each moment of it. I was born in a beautiful city of Tbilisi, Georgia. My childhood hit the time of grand changes: the collapse of USSR, Perestroika, war in my home country. War pushed my family to relocate in 1992 to Cyprus.

Coming to a foreign country, you need all your motivation and strength to stand for yourself. I was working in so many professions, trying to find my new Path in life!

My first participation at a professional Photo Art Exhibition took place at RCB at “Cyprus at a Glance” Expo and later at “De Rerum Natura – the nature of things” Expo, at Columbia Resort. I was very proud that my photos were picked for RCB corporate calendar and printed for an office wall decoration at Cyprus, Moscow and London branches. It was the beginning of my professional career as a photographer and an artist.

Photography is endless learning of methods, technics and also learning of life expressions. That’s why I love photography – for the unlimited possibilities to express what we feel, see and appreciate.

In my photos you can find the love to quality moments in life, the play of dark and light, fusion of colours, taste of different countries all around the globe, smell of food and wine, smiles and tears on the faces I catch in a moment.

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