Tatiana Tektova

Private Jet Era and People. 

I always said, God Bless Irakli Litanishvili, who brought to my life an angel with blue eyes, Tatiana Tektova. In my opinion Tatiana is a greatest creator, because she and her husband Daniel Uzel have made the most beautiful and adorable kids on earth. Apart from being a Guru in aviation Tatiana is the person who makes any idea workable.

She always said, Alena, how can you change your style every time, and then I feel proud. Meeting Tanya is your biggest gift. There were times when we partied hard, and most of the times it was themed parties. We drunk the most expensive champagne (champagne is still with us) and cried our destiny in Courchevel with whiskey.

We walked together through up and downs in personal and professional life and always support each other. Last summer we spent quality time in the villa in Ibiza, where Tania and Den showed me all hidden places and Den cooked perfect unique dishes.

The journey would not have been completed without photoshooting with little angels Teo and Terran , who I love as my own kids. And soon was a BOHO style photoshoot for the whole family.

 With all my love and warmness, to the family of T, D, T, T.

TravelStory in Georgia

Georgia is always in my mind. It is my home country, where sunshine is generous and beautiful landscape made many poets come and settle here. I come here often,sometimes I stay long and sometimes my visits are very short. Like thise is one in video where I woke up and said that I must go to see Svanetia and it’s UNESCO heritage, koshkebi – the towers with purely clean mountainous water. Also I should not miss a sunset in Batumi and then should continue to Tbilisi, walk favorite artistic streets and get into interaction with local fashion designers, painters at Mshrali Hidi – Dry Bridge, enjoy wine, walk the childhood roots, come to the one of the oldest hotels and remember where do I came from . My home, my Georgia. 🇬🇪

Walk in San Christibal as Mexican

When I pop into a country with traditions and color, I love to dress up and buy that hand-made dresses or costumes. I put on saris in India, hand-made traditional costumes in Morocco, but in search of true me, I got these colorful Mexican dresses, which I found in Chiapa de Corzo town, from locals .

Then we arranged make-up and hairdresser services, yes, show must go on . It’s my show. I walk, I feel, I express and generously allow others to take photo with me . Mexicans would whisper «Tan Hermosa»  – it means «so beautiful». Andit is this moment, when I feel sensitive for their honest compliments. Mama America – Latina, I know we were born for each other and it’s where I belong with my expressionism.


Nadia Klaus

 Thanks to my darling Tania I met other people from London. One of them is Nadia Filatova, now Nadia Klaus (it is her maiden name). We met, had parties and shared ideas and then we lost each other .I was busy with my marriage and other things, Nadia was also busy. But universe brought us back together and we met again, because London was calling.

I arrived from Italy with bottle of red wine to the magical small apartment of Nadia in London and after all day in hidden places of London we had our perfect Aligheri from Masi Histroric Venetian Estates and the conversation was endless. In the morning, coffee was served with view of Thames and we felt a vibration between us two, we knew that we met in past life and probably were sisters.

Nadia believed that I will become a famous photographer and even a wine maker and I believed that she will rock the world with her music. I call Nadia my sky girl not because she is an air hostess too, but she is the one who come from above not to let me down and fulfill creativity . We both now working on Nadia’s idea, and we hope you will see our work and appreciate it. Here I would add that investors are welcome.

Artur Atanesyan

We can endlessly write about travel and photography, definitely I will come to that, but I would like to write about people who I have met and who inspired me and also about people I have met while travelling.

Meet Artur Atanesyan , my beloved husband and best Armenian man I have ever met. Artur took me to another level of my travels, because I would definitely not travel alone to some destinations . Road trip in Cuba? It would be a total failure without him. He was the one who introduce me to Armenian heritage and always keep best company in Georgia.

Both being a fire signs we argue a lot and when I would get upset I would paint the wall in our flat or buy ticket to fly away from Artur for few days. Sometimes it would come to more expenses such as Imagemaker education in Italy or buying a camera such as Leica. I wonder what it would be if he would not make me angry, if I would do as much as I did till now, especially in expressing myself in photography and art .

Yes, love and sex was also very bright part of our relations and I would create and became more passionate about Nude photography , which is my next step.

We have traveled  together  for a while, but Artur gave up on me and I continued alone, but he still is giving me inspiration for my travels and creativity.

As a car lover he taught me to see nice ones and identify models and I taught him to see those little things such sunrises and sunsets.

Of course he was not the first who lead me to the world of photography.

Olga Timofeeva

Olga Timofeeva was the one who called me one day 12 or even 15 years ago when I was recovering from divorce with my first husband and just said lets go see nature and photoshoot flowers . I really need that.

In some years I could turn my hobby into profession and even make earning by selling photos for corporate calendars and even to decorate walls of the offices worldwide, but Olga did not follow the photographic path, she recently begin to paint. I have seen her work and I would call it soul speaking art.

When we were travelling  with Olga, we always found common interests, such as food, photography and activities. She is a kind of person who is emotional, kind and very attentive. The latest news, she left her job as Chief Accountant and soon will follow her heart and perhaps choose the artistic way.

Miltos Christodoulou

Before I even was born, (back in 1999) I met Miltos Christodoulou. I say before I was born, I was very young and immature. We met at Café in Limassol, Il Paesano, where I came to work and Miltos had been already worked there. We share many evenings together as well as good tips, we were the best two, Miltos worked as a waiter and me as Chef and even Barista, but we washed dishes together.

And we often suffer from screaming of our beloved boss Pampos, who gave us also lots of knowledge about wine & cheese, but this is another story. I always would tell to Miltos, you know I won’t work here, I will rich another level, washing dishes is not my piece of cake.

And Miltos was the one who always believed in me. He never gave up and always supported my ideas and even my passion – travelling. Miltos is an owner of my work, several photographs, on big format, printed on canvas, which he bought at my second exhibition «The Rerum Natura» – «The Nature of Things».

After many years Miltos showed me his work. He used to write poems and even made some incredible paintings. Miltos is from Skiathos island in Greece, yet my favorite island, where we travelled together and spend the best time in our life and laugh until we cried. Miltos is not alone, he has a beautiful sister Evanthia, she was my guide on island to most beautiful places, such as Lalaria & Banana beach and we would return home by sunrise from those Skiathos clubs.

Ioanna Markidou

During my work at the RCB Bank I havemet many people, creative and not, someone who came and left, someone who had never even worked there. Ioanna Markidou came to work for RCB and left in few months and I believe she came to meet me. Our offices were next to each other and we shared a conversation each day.

Ioanna is a quality, in all the ways. Food, clothes, wine, travel. She always go for quality and here we matched. Ioanna is auditor, but she also paints. Not to forget, I was her influencer in photography and we made numerios photo trips around Cyprus and abroad. When Ioanna go sailing she photographs her blues.

She was the one who wrote my speech for second expo, but lately she made her own photo exhibition and even participated in photo competitions and won. I remember the days when three of us, also our friend and photographer from Poland – Aneta Waszak, met each Sundays and made the best photoshootings, which would end up with relaxing dinner and wine.

We also made photo sessions for each other. When Ioanna takes pictures of me, I looked sensual and hot, when Aneta, I looked deep and strong. When I shoot them I capture when they on the go.

Olga Kuksova

Definitely I will always thank Olga Kuksova. Because of Olga I made the best photo sales in my life. Olga worked at marketing department in RCB bank and she was the one who suggests making calendars with my photos. Year after year, she would select and I would sell. When Olga left and went to Moscow,… Read More