Nataly Kochkina

You might not think, but Nataly Kochkina, who gave me the self confidence and said Leff ā€“ Lion, (these nick name was given to me for being wild) , you catching the moments , that others might not see . She always said you must do your exhibition and I always said, I am not good enough. Until the day I decided, we decided.

Natalia is mother of two beautifull kids, Vladislava and Yaroslava. I am a God mother of Vlada. Natalir is very talented In doing business, especially in finance and banking she know these special way. She has these charm, when she walks , man turn the heads around and here you go. If I would be a man I think I would fall in love with Natalie, intelligent and super gentle , yet sex is in her.

The most crazy moments in my life I would remember with Nata , but we never kept each other with ought support and when its was about party we partied , when comes to help each other we helped .

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