Olga Timofeeva

Olga Timofeeva , she was the one who called me one day 12 or eve 15 years ago when I was recovering from divorce with my first husband , and just said lets go to a nature , we will photoshoot flowers . I really need it that , its was so mine .

In some years time I could turn my hobby into profession and even make earning by selling photos for corporate calendars and even to decorate walls of the offices worldwide ,but Olga did not follow the photographic path, she recently begin to paint. I have seen her work and I would call it soul speaking art.

When we traveled with Olga , we always found common interests , such as food , photography and activities. She is a kind of person, that is emotional , kind and very attentive. The latest news , she left her job as Chief Accountant and soon will follow her heart and perhaps the artistic one.

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