Tatiana Tektova

Private Jet Era and People. I always said, God Bless Irakli Litanishvili, who brought to my life and angel with blue eyes, Tatiana Tektova. In my opinion Tatiana is a greatest creator, her and her husband Daniel Uzel they made the most beautifull and adorable kids on earth. Apart from being a Guru in aviation Tatiana is the person who makes any idea workable.

Who always said, Alena, how you can change your style every time, and then I feel proud. If you meet Tania , its your biggest gift . There were times we partied hard, and most of the times made themed parties. We drunk most expensive Champagne (Champagne is still with us) and cried our destiny in Courchevel with Whiskey.

We walked together through up and downs in personal and professional life and always support each other. Last summer we spent quality time in the villa in Ibiza, Tania and Den showed me all hidden places in Ibiza, and yes Den cooked just perfect and unique dishes.

The journey would not be complete with ought me to photo shooting those little angels Teo and Terran , who I love as my own kids. And soon BOHO style photo shoot to come for the whole family. With my love and warmness, to the family of T, D, T, T.

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