Miltos Christodoulou

Before I even was born, (back in 1999) I met Miltos Christodoulou. I say before I was born, I was very young and immature. We met at Café in Limassol, Il Paesano, where I came to work and Miltos had been already worked there. We share many evenings together as well as good tips, we were the best two, Miltos worked as a waiter and me as Chef and even Barista, but we washed dishes together.

And we often suffer from screaming of our beloved boss Pampos, who gave us also lots of knowledge about wine & cheese, but this is another story. I always would tell to Miltos, you know I won’t work here, I will rich another level, washing dishes is not my piece of cake.

And Miltos was the one who always believed in me. He never gave up and always supported my ideas and even my passion – travelling. Miltos is an owner of my work, several photographs, on big format, printed on canvas, which he bought at my second exhibition «The Rerum Natura» – «The Nature of Things».

After many years Miltos showed me his work. He used to write poems and even made some incredible paintings. Miltos is from Skiathos island in Greece, yet my favorite island, where we travelled together and spend the best time in our life and laugh until we cried. Miltos is not alone, he has a beautiful sister Evanthia, she was my guide on island to most beautiful places, such as Lalaria & Banana beach and we would return home by sunrise from those Skiathos clubs.

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