Artur Atanesyan

We can endlessly write about travel and photography, definitely I will come to that, but I would like to write about people who I met and who inspired me and I perhaps did. As well whom I met while travelling and travel with.

Meet Artur Atanesyan , my beloved husband and best Armenian man I ever met. Artur took me to another level of my travels, as few destinations I would definitely not travel alone. Road trip in CUBA?  Withought him it would be a total failure. He was one who introduce me to Armenian heritage , and always keep best company in Georgia.

Both being a fire signs we argue a lot , and when I would get upset I would paint the wall in our flat , or buy ticket to fly away from Artur for few days. Sometimes it would come to more expenses such as Imagemaker education in Italy or buying a camera such as Leica . I wonder, if he would not make me angry , if I would do as much as I did till now , especially in expressing my self in photography and art .

Yes , love and sex was also very bright part of our relation , and I would create and became more passionate about Nude photography , which is my next step.

We traveled  together , for a while, but Artur gave up on me and I continuo alone , but he is still giving me an big time inspiration for my travels and creativity.

As a car lover he taught me to see nice and identify models, I taught him to see those little things such sunrises and sunsets

Of course he was not  the first who lead me to the world to photography.

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