Olga Kuksova

Definitely I will always thank Olga Kuksova. Because of Olga I made the best photo sales in my life. Olga worked at marketing department in RCB bank and she was the one who suggests making calendars with my photos. Year after year, she would select and I would sell. When Olga left and went to Moscow, my sales for corporate calendars come to the end. But our relations with Olga are still alive.

Olga is the mother of beautiful girl Polina. Also she owns one of the coziest beauty salons in Moscow with impeccable services. She organizes TOP events and I witnessed that. Perfectionist in everything, she is working on unique project, which I personally admire.

My best Moscow nights were organized by Olga and she showed me those cool places and introduce to interesting people. Unfortunately, I have never photoshooted Olga, (I did, few shots during corporate parties, but it does not count) but I organized her best holidays in Cyprus and will be happy to do it again .

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