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Ioanna Markidou

During my work at the RCB Bank I havemet many people, creative and not, someone who came and left, someone who had never even worked there. Ioanna Markidou came to work for RCB and left in few months and I believe she came to meet me. Our offices were next to each other and we shared a conversation each day.

Ioanna is a quality, in all the ways. Food, clothes, wine, travel. She always go for quality and here we matched. Ioanna is auditor, but she also paints. Not to forget, I was her influencer in photography and we made numerios photo trips around Cyprus and abroad. When Ioanna go sailing she photographs her blues.

She was the one who wrote my speech for second expo, but lately she made her own photo exhibition and even participated in photo competitions and won. I remember the days when three of us, also our friend and photographer from Poland – Aneta Waszak, met each Sundays and made the best photoshootings, which would end up with relaxing dinner and wine.

We also made photo sessions for each other. When Ioanna takes pictures of me, I looked sensual and hot, when Aneta, I looked deep and strong. When I shoot them I capture when they on the go.