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Nadia Klaus

 Thanks to my darling Tania I met other people from London. One of them is Nadia Filatova, now Nadia Klaus (it is her maiden name). We met, had parties and shared ideas and then we lost each other .I was busy with my marriage and other things, Nadia was also busy. But universe brought us back together and we met again, because London was calling.

I arrived from Italy with bottle of red wine to the magical small apartment of Nadia in London and after all day in hidden places of London we had our perfect Aligheri from Masi Histroric Venetian Estates and the conversation was endless. In the morning, coffee was served with view of Thames and we felt a vibration between us two, we knew that we met in past life and probably were sisters.

Nadia believed that I will become a famous photographer and even a wine maker and I believed that she will rock the world with her music. I call Nadia my sky girl not because she is an air hostess too, but she is the one who come from above not to let me down and fulfill creativity . We both now working on Nadia’s idea, and we hope you will see our work and appreciate it. Here I would add that investors are welcome.