Nataly Kochkina

You might not think, but Nataly Kochkina, who gave me the self confidence and said Leff – Lion, (these nick name was given to me for being wild) catches the moments that others might not see. She always said you must do your exhibition and I always said I am not good enough. Until the day I decided, we decided.

Natalia is mother of two beautiful kids, Vladislava and Yaroslava. I am a God mother of Vlada. Natalie is very talented in doing business, especially in finance and banking. She knows this special way. She has this charm and when she walks, man turn the heads around and here you go. If I would be a man I think I would fall in love with Natalie, intelligent and super gentle, yet sex is in her.

The most crazy moments in my life I would remember with Nata, but we have never kept each other without support. When it was about party, we partied, when it came to help each other, we helped.

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