Julia Chernysheva

Here I would say magic, femininity, flowers. Julia Chernysheva, I told you I met unique people in Cyprus. Julia is a friend of a man I loved and I still love, who is my gratest teacher and toughest one. Julia came to Cyprus and I was responsible to organize her travel arrangements and entire stay in Cyprus. Once she gave me a rose, that she have been drawing during her stay, she said «It is you» and signed. Year after year, we were becoming closer.

I will never forget a day, when I fall in love with a boy who never showed up after first date. It was in January, there were snow and me standing alone in the middle of the street, crying. Why, what? Love finally does not exist. I really did not know who to call, all my contacts left in Moscow for New Year, and I called Julia. Within 20 minutes Julia came and picked me up, we had dinner together and I stayed in her big and artistic apartment for a whole week. We did different activities such as ice skating and laughing through tears and not once.

Imagine you wake up in historical building ‘’Dom na Nabereznoi’’ with view on Kremlin, surrounded by paintings. I felt I am in Jardin de Fleur or in kind of private visit gallery.

I would wake up and spend hours drinking coffee and looking at her art. Each one talked to me. Roses, Lilies, Peony, Tulips, Orchids, Narcissi, Helleborous and other gifts of Special Garden were talking to me. One would say, ough, it is snowing again. The white roses and  orchids would say I am your mistress, Paeonia –  we know your dark side.

Her paintings and here you come my macro lens and me with the floral world hanging on the rock of Akamas Peninsula (Cyprus), trying to make the best photos of wild tulips.

During my next visit I photoshooted Julia in her flat, at night. I wanted to capture her in her art space and definitely bring her gentle and yet hot self out of her.

Lately she inspires me with aquarelle paintings from her travel, the sea, architecture, nature. I can read art, she is happy now as never before. She paints everywhere she go. I will be happy to see soon her Japan emotions on paper, I am sure she will do great.

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